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I first made a lyric document for myself, as there is no official lyric document for this specific rendition. After that, it was hopping into After Effects and  listening to every inflection that I could hear her make to transfer into this visual representation.

Don't Mean A Thing

Don't Mean A Thing

Type animations always caught my eye. I find it to be like a dance between the musicians and the animators- or at least that's what I feel makes the best type animations, those that move with the music, being able to witness the interplay of both audio and visual stimulation working in sync.

When deciding what to animate, I knew this song would be perfect because of Ella Fitzgerald. Her inflections and amazing change in cadence on the fly is mesmerizing and grabbed me. I knew I had to try my best to keep up to honor her beautiful voice. It was a fun challenge to say the least.


interpreted lyrics


original reference

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